We Do Engineering

We are heading for creating excellent IoT platforms for future

What We Do

We are currently working on several R&D projects particularly on IoT while creating solutions for our valuable customers.


GAMMA - Engineering Tools for Advanced Smart Spaces

GAMMA is one of our key research and development projects on IoT, particularly on smart environments. The aim of GAMMA project is to develop a smart space communication and design platform and tools to ease the design and implementation of smart spaces.

  • A generic communication platform
  • Supporting all brands
  • Tools for design and implementation

OPTIMUM - OPTimised Industrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling

OPTIMUM is on of our key projects. It is a huge R&D project which presumably consists 6 countries and 25 partners worldwide. Within OPTIMUM project, we'll help the consortium to build an IoT platform for implementing Industry 4.0 to the material handling means.

  • 6 Countries including Germany, UK and 25 partners
  • Implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0
  • EUREKA project in ITEA 3 Cluster


Smart Meeting Room

Smart Meeting Room project is a case study of ours to implement our expertise in smart spaces. Project will lead us to a product that's going to be an off-the-shelf smart meeting room solution for our future customers.

  • Meeting room that decides what should be done saving decisions.
  • Reservations system.

About Us

We offer special solutions to our customers' needs. We have expertise in many areas and will be happy to transfer them to your company or team.

We do research

We always look for new technologies and better solutions to do out job. We never stop changing as technology doesn't.

Light and Fast

We have expertise on Javascript technologies including NodeJS, AngularJS and ReactJS. Javascript is light and fast, we love it.

We are Awarded

We have been funded by TUBITAK, KOSGEB and ITEA. We love research and development and are very experinced on R&D projects.


We do multinational projects. We are happy to transfer knowledge between nations.

Satisfied & Happy Clients

We want our customers satisfied and happy. We are eager to deliver perfect products and solutions to make this possible.

Happy Friends

We work as friends here. We want to be happy at work. Highest priority in ERSTE is to make us as happy as possible.